I just published a Hebrew website with a Hebrew installation of WordPress. I first built the site locally, and then moved the database over to the client’s site.  When I tried to log in, I got this beauty of an error “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page” in Hebrew, of course.

The advice I found in the WP Support Forums were mostly related to WP Database Prefixes.  I had changed the prefixes, so I thought this was the problem.

But, after numerous exports, imports, and hair pulling, I started reviewing everything I had done during the database transfer. And, I remembered a very tiny detail.  The  UTF-8 tag in the wp-config.php file.

Before moving the database over, I modified the wp-config file and removed the UTF-8 tag. BIG MISTAKE. You only need to remove the UTF-8 code to get Hebrew to work on an English installation of WordPress.  Since this time it was  a Hebrew installation, I didn’t need to remove the UTF-8 tag.  And, like magic, once I put the tag back in, I had sufficient permission to enter the site and be on my jolly way. Thank Goodness!