I love WordPress. I have bookmarked so many sites related to WordPress, that even with tags and all I was having trouble organizing the information. I realized I needed some kind of database system for cross-referencing sites, but since I don’t know how to build a database, I decided to use WordPress itself to organize the information.

I have tried to keep the number of categories small, so that you can easily browse through the collection of plugins, themes, etc. I instituted the use of tags so that you can look up more specific pieces of information.

Who am I?

My name is Miriam Schwab (see me on facebook, twitter and LinkedIn), and I am the CEO of illuminea, where we help companies create and optimize their web presence with comprehensive blogging and social media strategies. We’ve developed over a hundred sites on WP, and would love to discuss how we can help you improve your web presence.

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Other Contributors

Rebecca Markowitz – Rebecca is illuminea’s Web Account Manager and resident WordPress guru.

Ryan Hellyer – Ryan, from Pixopoint, generously answers questions from commenters here on WordPress Garage. I have trouble getting to all of them, and it’s a huge help that he takes care of that.