We WordPressers are always on the search for that perfect WordPress theme. There are a lot of sites out there that display and feature WordPress themes, but I just came across blog.biz and I thought it was worth noting since it is different than others I’ve seen, not just because of the themes there, but because of the layout. Instead of having posts lined up in chronological order, this site gives you a screen full of thumbnails. They are obviously using one of the thumbnail techniques that we mentioned in our recent posts on using thumbnails in WordPress, and it’s interesting to see.

If you hover over a thumbnail, it tells you the name of the theme, and if you click on it, it takes you to the post page for that theme, where you can see a bigger screen shot and a short description of the theme. There, you can click on the theme and go to the theme’s home page.


In addition, the bottom of the site has descriptive tags for all the themes. So if you’re looking for a theme with a certain width, color, or style, you just click on the tag and you get a screen full of thumbnails of themes for that tag.

Here’s are a few themes that I saw there that I thought were pretty nice: