If you’re a WordPress blogger who posts one new post every few days, you might not mind the default navigation menu in the admin/dashboard. But once your blogging volume increases, and you’re writing posts, pages, and managing comments and plugins, it becomes annoying that the most common actions, like writing a new post, take two clicks: one on Write, and another on Write Post.

I’ve tried a few plugins that change the WordPress admin, but all of them had one problem or another. Thanks to Tal Galili, I’ve found what seems to the be the perfect solution: Admin Drop Down Menus from Yellow Swordfish.

This plugin changes the default navigation into a drop-down menu, so you can easily select the option you want without clicking multiple times. It has two limitations:

  • It needs Javascript to work – not so serious.
  • You won’t be able to see who’s subscribed to comments if you use the Subscribe to Comments plugin – it’s not this plugin’s fault, but the fault of the Subscribe to Comments plugin. This is explained in the Read Me file.

Despite the above, it seems to be worth it – this can save you tons of time and annoying clicks-and-waits.I don’t know if I’ll ever go back.

Admin Drop Down Menus»

Update: Hannit at Achi Dakar has Hebraicized this plugin for users of the Hebrew WordPress installation.