So you’ve got a shiny new WordPress blog, and you really want to add a cool feature that either demands programming the feature into your site, or even better, finding the perfect plugin so that you can add the feature with a few clicks.

The conventional way of finding plugins is to either search the WordPress plugin directory, or to do a search. Well, here’s a new way that is actually really smart and useful – visit this site: I want a WordPress Plugin to … 450+ solutions.

At the top of the page, there is a hyperlinked list of related features for plugins, like Related Authors, Admin, Stats, Posts, Tags, etc.

450+ WordPress Plugins

You click on one of those links, and it takes you to a list of plugins that can help you achieve that feature. So for example, if I click on Calendars, I get a list of 4 plugins that can help me add a calendar to my WordPress blog. I personally know that there are many more calendar-related plugins for adding calendars to your blog, but you can submit more plugins for them to add to the list.

I think the idea behind this site is good, but it really needs a lot of community contribution in order to make it more complete.

I want a WordPress Plugin to … 450+ solutions