ThemeForest is a brand new online marketplace where you can buy and sell WordPress, CSS, Joomla, Drupal and many other types of templates. I’m aware that I get overly excited about new theme/template sites, so I’ll try to tone down my excitement by putting my impressions into list format. Here are some reasons why you should check out ThemeForest.

  1. The site stays true to the forest motif with a very nice color scheme, but thankfully a bear-free environment.
  2. As I poked around, I found the navigation of the site brilliant – I love the tree chart that breaks down the site by template type (Joomla, WordPress, CSS, etc.) and category. The breadcrumbs were also a nice touch and made it easy to find my way around.
  3. I enjoyed the pretty thumbnails next to each template and had to hold back from opening up each template to take a closer look. I know how arduous the process is of making screenshots and then cropping it, resizing it, etc. so you can tell they’re putting a lot of work and detail into the site.
  4. All templates start at $10 and most templates I liked were between $10-40, an amazing deal for unique and creative templates that I’ve never seen before.
  5. Referral Program – If you refer a new person to ThemeForest and they buy a template, you get 50% of their purchase. Nice! Here’s an example of a badge you can put on your site
  6. WPCandy’s Sweet Contest – WPCandy is giving away 5 sets of $25 to spend at ThemeForest. Check out WPCandy’s post here
  7. To beef up their stock, ThemeForest is hosting a contest with prizes of $600 to template authors who submit the most templates by the end of September.