I haven’t posted anything about free CSS templates for a while, simply because I haven’t seen anything worth mentioning. But CSS Creme, which is yet another CSS gallery site, has released five free CSS templates, which are real eye candy! Use them for your sites, or just for inspiration! One thing they’re missing, though, is a license of any kind. CSS Creme guys – if you’re reading this, I highly recommend putting a TOS (Terms of Service) somewhere on your site, and maybe a license file in the download zip file.

Free CSS Templates

Aside from the free templates, the site has some pretty good stuff on it. First of all, their gallery has some amazing sites in it, which they say they pick themselves. You can browse the gallery according to category or color. They also have some fabulous free wallpaper, which could spice up your desktop, as well as interesting links in their News section.

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