The title I am referring to here is the title that appears in the top bar of your browser, and is in betweeen <title></title> tags in your code. Apparently, to make it more SEO friendly, the title of the post or article should appear before the title of your blog, but generally themes have it programmed the other way around.

You can switch it through the use of plugins, but if you want to avoid using another plugin you can fix this in the header.php file. Find the code that starts with <title>, and replace what is currently there with this:

<title><?php if ( is_single() ) { ?> <?php wp_title(''); ?> &raquo; <?php } ?><?php bloginfo('name'); ?></title>

This tells WordPress that if the page is not single, the name of the blog will appear only. This is for the homepage. If the page is single, i.e. a single post page, then the name of the post will appear and then the blog title. So, for example, a post on WordPressGarage would have the following title:

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