I love Firefox, and it is my browser of choice without a doubt. But there is one thing that annoys me whenever I’m using it – the fact that I can’t use a shortcut to easily move between tabs, i.e. there’s no alt-tab type of shortcut like there is for moving between open windows. I’ve searched for such a solution, and never found one, and since I often have tens of tabs open, it can get pretty hard to move between them.

I also love my baby (bear with me), but tend to find working with her on my lap a bit of a challenge. She likes to eat my mouse (there’s no accounting for taste), and bang on the keyboard as I work, which pretty much makes getting anything done impossible.

Firefox-baby? Ma hakesher, as we say in Hebrew (what is the connection)? Well, today my darling baby was banging away as usual, and suddenly I realized that if I press the numbers 1, 2, 3, etc. on my keyboard it takes me to open tab #1, then tab #2, etc.! I peeled my baby off the keyboard (waaah waaahh!) and tried to reenact whatever it was that she had done, and finally figured it out:

If you press ctrl+a number, it takes you to that number tab!

So, if you want to jump to tab #4, press ctrl+4!

Maybe this is something Firefox users already knew, but nobody ever told me about it so maybe there are others out there who could use this info too! Hurray for my baby! Baby, you can eat my mouse any time.