I know that Gmail and Firefox don’t really have anything to do with WordPress, but I decided to write about them anyways because:

  1. I have nothing earth-shattering to say about WordPress right now. Everyone else is talking about version 2.5, and I still haven’t installed it (my bad) so I don’t have anything to add to the conversation.
  2. I would guess that most WP users are Firefox fans and probably Gmail fans too, so…so nothing. That’s not a very good argument, so I’ll stop right here.

ANYWAYS, Gmail is ugly. The interface is so eye-poppingly cluttered and unimaginative that this is actually one of the reasons I haven’t really gotten into Gmail. I just found it hard to get my eyes used to.

Well, now there’s a solution! There is a cool Firefox add-on called Stylish, that lets you define custom styles for any page on the web. For example, if you didn’t like the brown on WordPress Garage and prefer a nice shade of magenta, you could use Stylish and define a new CSS style that will make all text on this site magenta. Basically, as they say on the Gmail Redesigned page, “Stylish is to CSS what Greasemonkey is to JavaScript.”

ANYWAYS, the people at Globex Designs have created a special Stylish style for Gmail – Gmail Redesigned. They have taken the over 1500 (!!) styles and very complicated structure of Gmail and redesigned it. They are updating the styles almost daily, and if you’ve already installed Gmail Redesigned and you visit their site, it will tell you if any updates have been made since your last install and you can update with one click.

I installed it, and I can tell you it makes a world of difference. Gmail is now…pretty. Pretty Gmail is no longer an oxymoron.

Gmail Redesigned says it currently only supports English, but Hebrew worked for me too, and is not supported with the “Better Gmail 2” or the “Remember The Milk” extensions. Support for these extensions will be added in the future.

And now, a partial screenshot of my Gmail account with all incriminating evidence either archived or painted over (hopefully):

Redesigned Gmail makes Gmail pretty