As I mentioned in a previous post, StumbleUpon can be a sudden source of massive traffic to your blog. But how it works is a mystery to me.

Today I came across Dosh Dosh’s Comprehensive Guide to StumbleUpon. This guide helps to clarify some of the ways in which StumbleUpon works, but I am still mystified about a few things:

  1. There is a page on StumbleUpon that allows you to search for reviews of your site. First of all, why is this page impossible to find? It should be easier to find than having to read an external guide to StumbleUpon to discover it exists. Second, I am getting traffic from StumbleUpon, yet when I searched for my URL on that page, nothing came up! Explain that one.
  2. When I log in to StumbleUpon and do a search, I only get 10 results. Why? Where are the rest of the pages? Are these the top rated posts?
  3. Some searches result in a page of tags. Is it because there are no results?

So StumbleUpon is still a mystery, but I feel like we’re getting closer to the answers…