Where can you go if you have questions about developing and managing a WordPress site? Well, we all know about the WordPress Forums, which can be a useful resource for getting experts and WordPress staff to answer your questions.

However, not everybody is a fan of the forum format – including me. You have to remember to check back (yes, I know there are RSS feeds, but I don’t even go into my RSS reader on a daily basis anymore), and only people who keep an eye on new topics see your questions.

My experience is that mailing lists work great since everybody on the list sees the emails, and good conversations can ensue. Also, users are encouraged to answer questions because it gives them the opportunity to showcase their expertise.

Apparently, there are quite a lot of people who prefer mailing lists, and over the last year or so the WP-Pro mailing list has been getting quite a lot of posts about how to do certain things with WordPress. That would be great if the purpose of the list was for community support – but it’s not! The WP-Pro list is for people who are searching for WordPress service providers to work with, i.e. if you want to pay someone to fix/build/advise your WordPress project, that’s the place to go. If you want to know what the best WordPress SEO plugin is…well, the only place to turn to was the forum.

WP Garage Mailing List – An Online/Email WordPress Community

Not any more! I have set up a mailing list/email group called WP Garage (well, I couldn’t think of another name!), for just these types of questions – if you are looking for plugins, code hacks, tips or just plain ol’ WordPress advice, this new list is for you! The goal is to provide an open and accepting place for WordPress users of all levels to ask and answer WordPress related questions. In the beginning, I will be moderating the posts to make sure no garbage gets through, but if I see that things are pretty clean I’ll ease up on the moderation.

So please come join us, either by clicking on this link or by entering your email address in the field below:

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