has suggested a solution for WordPress blogs where the plugins are working one minute, and the next minute they are not, or where generally strange things are happening.

The suggestion, that worked for them, is to increase your PHP memory. This is why:

PHP is what is used to run WordPress. It’s usually allowed a certain amount of memory to run scripts and do its thing. If your blog is big enough, or if your scripts are complex enough, it may reach it’s memory limit and quit the script. That’s what was happening in my case.

How do you fix it?

Well just email the host and ask them to increase the PHP memory. You can run the phpinfo function and find out how much memory your site has. The server that was having the issue had 8Mb of PHP memory. I asked the host to increase it to 20Mb and then everything worked great.

I haven’t experienced such problems yet, but I’m going to keep this tip filed away in case I need it!

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