I’ve been looking high and low for a simple and working solution for displaying a feed in my site. If your site is widget-enabled, you can easily display another feed with the RSS widget. But if you are not widget-enabled, or you want to put your feed somewhere else, you are stuck.  I tried a whole bunch of plugins, and finally ended up using FeedBurner’s BuzzBoost feature (under the Publicize tab when you are logged in), which is nice but puts a little “Headlines by FeedBurner” tagline at the bottom, which you might not want to appear in the middle of your page.

And then a revelation – Blue Anvil explains how WordPress has RSS fetching capabilities built in. You can call an RSS feed with one of two functions:

  1. fetch_rss
  2. wp_rss

See Blue Anvil’s explanation of how these functions work>>
See the WordPress codex entries on wp_rss and fetch rss>>