Dear WordPress theme developers,

At illuminea, we do both custom WordPress sites and template-based WordPress sites, depending on the client’s budget.

Please be aware that I send your themes/templates to our clients before purchasing them. We spend a long time looking at the layout, the shortcodes (ugh), and other features before deciding to buy the theme.

Every time I show a theme to a client, I find myself saying “Please please please ignore the images, but the layout might be good on this one”.

What happened to light bulbs and trees and cats? I wouldn’t even mind if you used the most cliched stock photos of all time.

Here are a few of my “favorite” theme images:


Ah yes. Please let this be the woman who will provide top notch support. If the support needed is in the “removing pink paint from your ear” department.



With each new color, does she have to put on a different shirt? Or maybe this theme just makes her angry. Angry, yet colorful. And strong!



Well… this doesn’t quite leave too much to the imagination. That kid to the right must be pretty excited about all this, though!

No offense but..what if my client is an 8 year old? In fact, what if it’s that kid in the last theme’s photo trying to promote his modeling career as “little Einstein”.


Rebecca “normal photos, please” Markowitz