If you are not an uber-geek, read no further; this is not for you. Even I, who consider myself semi-geeky since I find code fun, cannot understand what possessed someone to do this. But since I try to overcome my own tastes and present stuff here that I think is weird since someone else might find it exhilarating, here it is.

Someone has created a WordPress theme that makes your blog look like a Linux/Unix terminal. You in the back, stop drooling.

To me, the Linux/Unix terminal is one of the most confusing and un-user friendly interfaces I have ever seen. The font, colors, and all the dollar signs and slashes make me dizzy. Why someone would want their WordPress blog, which can be oh-so-beautiful and fun to read, to look like that is beyond me.

But if the thought of this excites you, head on over to Stii to see what he has to say about this.

Alright, here’s how to see the theme:

  1. Click here: http://blog.elinc.ca/.
  2. Click on the rod (CLI) button. It’s the rightmost button at the top.
  3. Type help at the prompt. The available commands will appear.
  4. Enter any of the commands. For example, to see a random post, type random.

After trying it out a bit, I have to admit it’s kind of a cool concept. Uh oh, uber-geekhood approaching…