This has got to take the cake: now all those die-hard Obama supporters can get their very own, free, beautiful Probama WordPress theme, thanks to Darren Hoyt and his pals at Category 4.

Probama WordPress Theme

I have to admit that I find Americans’ devotion and passion for political candidates to be unusual. I mean, political candidates are just people, and even worse, they’re politicians. Being a politician means making sweeping, glorious promises to solve world hunger and give free health care to every person who sets foot on American soil, and then breaking all those promises once they get into office since a) They can’t possibly keep these promises which are unrealistic and not based on anything but their ability to say whatever they want and b) They may know this and actually have no intention of fulfilling these promises.

In any case, you’ve got to give it to Obama who really has managed to capture the hearts and dreams of so many Americans. From the outside, it almost seems like there are only two candidates: Clinton and Obama, and from the outside Obama really does seem more inspiring. I mean, the guy’s gotten people to write songs for him.

And now he’s got his very own WordPress Theme. While this theme is only really useful for the small percentage of world citizens who love Obama so much that they’d build a site for him, the theme is really beautiful. The header and background image are great, and the layout and structure are eye-catching and have a lot of potential.

Probama Theme for non-Obama sites

So for those of us who aren’t Obama devotees, this theme has a lot of potential for use as a general blog or news site. The YouTube, audio and flickr sections on the home page are great, as is the four column footer. I like the list of recent articles at the end of the home page too, and the drop-down menu is fabulous. The details like the flourishes in between posts, the date style, and even the button styles all add up to make this an eye-catching and useful theme.

On a side note, the markets are predicting that Obama’s going to win, and apparently the markets predict outcome better than polls. Take a look at how the Obama stock is doing vs. the Clinton stock on Intrade:

Obama and Clinton on Intrade

Probama WordPress Theme

P.S. Did anyone notice that one of the singers in’s “Yes We Can” video is speaking in Hebrew? Watch a bit, and then a woman with long hair says “Ken, anu yecholim,” which is Hebrew for “Yes, we can.” Anyone know who she is?