The Page Links To plugin allows WordPress Pages to link to any page you would like. I recently used it on a site where the top nav bar is comprised of pages, but two of the pages – the news and resources pages – needed to have dynamic content that was pulled from posts so that the items on those pages would be easily manageable and organized (i.e. by date, author, tags, etc.).

I created two categories on the blog: News and Resources. I created two Pages: News and Resources. I then followed the directions of the plugin and did the following:

  1. Scroll down to the Custom Fields.
  2. Enter links_to as a key.
  3. For the value, I entered the URI of the category that I wanted to link this page to as the value of the key. So for News, I clicked on the News category on the blog page to get the URI, and copied and pasted that URI into the value field.

Now, when users click on News on the nav bar, it displays the news page as it would appear in the blog. I think that this plugin is another example of how WordPress can be used as a CMS. Excellent!

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