Who doesn’t think that the slider thingy that appears at the end of New York Time’s pages with links to other articles is awesome? I’ve been coveting something like that for our WordPress sites for a while, and now I’ve found it, in usual wondrous WordPress simplicity: upPrev: NYTimes Style “Next Post” Animated Button.

Install this plugin, and then visit the settings page. There, you can choose whether your slider comes in as Flyout, or Fade In/Out, how much of the page the user has to scroll down before it appears, or whether it appears when the user approaches a certain element on the page, like a div:

upPrev: NYTimes Style "Next Post" Animated Button WordPress Plugin

That’s it! Simple to implement, and you become as cool as the New York Times.

To see it in action, scroll down to the end of this page, and bask in the glory.