The default WordPress excerpt allows you to display a short text from your posts that is easier taken from the post itself, or from the excerpt that you enter in the Write Posts page. At the end of the excerpt, there is a link that takes the reader to the complete version of the post, either to the point in the post after the end of the excerpt, or to the beginning of the post.

There are some limitations to the WordPress excerpt, including the fact that it strips the excerpt of all tags, something which can be solved by a The Excerpt Reloaded Plugin (see our review). Another limitation is the fact that a reader needs to load a whole new page to see the complete post, something which may lead readers to hesitate to click further.

The Inline Ajax Page plugin displays the full contents of your posts and comments in-line when a reader clicks to read more of an excerpt, without reloading the page or navigating away from your home page.

The plugin displays an excerpt of your post (the same way WordPress does when you use the_excerpt or a < !–more–> tag), but rather than making the user go to another page to read the remainder of the post, this plugin uses Ajax to download and display the rest of it when the user clicks a link to read more. After wards the post’s content can then be hidden and the user can continue reading your other posts. It uses a similar method to display comments and the add comment box and to submit comments.

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