Mark from has posted a short and pointed video about WordPress, and how it sucks. The video is aptly titled “WordPress sucks,” and here it is for your viewing pleasure:


David Peralty has responded with his own video on BloggingPro arguing that WordPress doesn’t suck. And here it is:


So does it or doesn’t it? Suck, I mean.

Let’s do a comparison between the two videos and their messages to try to figure this one out:

Mark David
Short, to the point Starts off strong, but goes on way too long
Sings really badly Needs a haircut (or so he says – I don’t think so)
Entertaining with “interesting” effects Is boring
Makes some good points I can’t argue with: WP gets hacked a lot, has too many security updates, and too much spam (“WordPress has more spam than a fat kid eats spam…and that’s a lot!”) Basically says these problems are the fault of the users. But who can blame users who don’t update all the time when updates are being released every week? And spam is not the users’ faults.

In my opinion, Mark wins this round – he gets his points across in seconds flat, so he keeps our attention, plus his arguments are legitimate. But I still really like WordPress, despite its faults, because it does have a lot of benefits. The biggest benefit, I think, is that it puts flexible publishing in the hands of the people. You don’t have to be a programming guru to put together a stylish, user-friendly, optimized, and feature-filled site. And of course, the price is right.

What do you think?