There have been a few developments in the wonderful world of WordPress over the last little while. Let’s take a look:

  1. WordPress 2.6 was released. Nuff said.
  2. WordPress for iPhone app released. This would be exciting news, BUT I’VE NEVER TOUCHED AN IPHONE IN MY LIFE SINCE THEY DON’T SELL THEM IN ISRAEL. Whew. I feel better. Anyways, read about it here and here, and in a million other places.
  3. Remember the Theme Viewer, that organized place where you could go to browse WordPress themes, or find themes according to specific criteria like the color black? Well it’s back in action, so let’s just pray that those people from the underbelly of the Internet don’t show up and ruin everything for us again.

That’s the news. Now here are some handy links I came across over the last few days:

FreshPost plugin – a great way to add extra features to a WordPress site is by using Custom Fields. But the whole key-entering business doesn’t work so well with clients who just want one button they can press. This plugin solves that problem by allowing you to create custom write panels, add custom fields (images, drop downs, file upload, images, checkboxes, textareas, etc..), and automatically resize images.

WordPress Tips + Things You Can Do After Installing WordPress – Digital Inspiration has published a handy list of things you can and should do after installing WordPress, like changing your default image folder, removing unecessary code, preventing people from casually browsing your WordPress Folders, etc.