Weblog Tools Collection has published an overview of the features in store for us in WordPress 2.7. As I was reading the list, I noticed that many of them them are based on existing popular plugins, like the Google Sitemaps Generator, Better Comments Manager, YATCP (Yet Another Threaded Comments Plugin), and Subscribe to Comments.

I had mixed feelings about this: on the one hand, these plugin authors had enough vision to see a need and fill it with some plugins that became standards for experienced WordPress blog developers. If WordPress makes these features part of the core, than these plugins become legacy and are no longer needed, and all the developers will no longer get recognition for their innovation and leadership in the WordPress community.

On the other hand, these types of developments are par for the course in an open source community, and is what makes the WordPress software so fantastic. The people at Automattic give free rein to the community to develop new features, and then these features are tested by thousands around the world over many years, and “survival of the fittest” helps the community identify the best and most important features to be added to the WordPress core.

The result: one of the best pieces of open source software around, and a celebration of the culture of open source.

What do you think?