As many of you may know, writing a blog on a regular basis can be challenging. On the one hand, the stats and feed statistics tell you that people are reading, but on the other hand, you can sometimes feel like you’re shouting out into the darkness, and you’re not sure that anyone is really listening.

Commenters and people who write to say thank you help me know that you are indeed out there reading. So first of all, thank you to my commenters, and a special thanks to Ryan Hellyer, who is by far the most prolific commenter on this site. Getting feedback on posts helps me keep going, because I know that someone is paying attention, and that it’s helping them.

Also, every once in a while I get a letter via the site’s contact form thanking me for the blog. I just got a great letter from a guy who told me he spent two hours (!) scrolling through and reading each of my posts! He says he found the site via StumbleUpon, so thank you to those of you who felt posts here were Stumble-worthy, and are helping others find this blog. Thanks Mike!

Why I write

I write this blog for two reasons: 1. To help me and my company keep track of the many WordPress developments so that we can hopefully build the best WordPress sites and blogs possible for our clients; 2. To give back to the WordPress community. I still haven’t written any plugins, but I hope that this blog can be my contribution to the vibrant WordPress Open Source community.

The content on this site is free, as it should be. But if you want to compensate me in some way, just leave a comment, or write to me to tell me what you think. Getting concrete feedback is the best way to help me keep going. Basically what I’m saying is: a simple thank you is worth a million!

So thank you all for reading, and I hope that this blog will continue to grow and help WordPress users around the world!