The Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashana) starts tonight. It is usually a two-day holiday, but this year it ends when Shabbat (the Jewish Sabbath which is on Saturday) begins, so we have three days of holidays ahead of us.

So no new posts here until Sunday. I’ll be busy praying (during Rosh Hashana, we look back on the year and ask for forgiveness for the not-so-great things we did, and ask G-d to bless us with good for the year that is ahead), eating (we eat two proper meals every day of the holiday, meaning appetizers, main course and dessert – not great for the waistline, but at least it’s homemade food), and enjoying my break from work and quality time with family and friends.

So I’d just like wish everyone a happy New Year, and may we all be blessed with peace, prosperity, happiness and good health in the coming year! Shana tova!

One of the things we do on Rosh Hashana is blow the shofar, a type of horn. On that note, here’s a video in the spirit of the holidays: