Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress and Automattic, spoke at Blog World Expo on blogging, open source and WordPress. Here are some highlights from his speech, and interesting tidbits about WordPress (from

  • Matt says that blogging is like music – you have to be unique and love what you’re doing. Good metaphor.
  • draws about 100 million unique monthly visitors and is among the top 25 global sites. All this from a company with only 18 employees!
  • He says that blogs are more telling of a person’s personality than facebook. I’m not so sure about that – I think that both platforms give pictures of personality, but in different ways. Blogs express a person’s thoughts and opinions, while facebook provides a more social window into a person’s life with a strong focus on social interactions, like friends.
  • .8 percent of all web pages are powered by WordPress. That’s pretty incredible!

[Hat tip to Ryan Hellyer for pointing me to this article.]