Blogging seems to be all about content. It’s about what you write, how you write it, who you link to, etc. So how does design come into play? Most people say that design is important, and that you should have a professional design that is easy on the eyes, and simple to navigate. It is generally agreed that a bad blog design may have a negative impact on your blog readership.

But I’ve rarely heard people say that a fantastic blog design will be the key to blogging success. Well, Blogsolid is a good case study of how a unique and beautiful design can bring in torrents of readers.

Blogsolid officially launched on July 31st. The content on the site is pretty good, but not anything out of the ordinary. By August 9, the blog was picked up by a bunch of web design galleries. The onslaught of visitors crashed the poor guy’s servers for 12 hours.

Blogsolid’s design and architecture are brilliant. The blog has three categories, which appear on the home page as options for entering the blog. You can also enter the general blog by clicking on the header (this should probably be made clearer somehow – I think there should be four options for entering the blog, i.e. the three categories plus the blog with everything).

Blogsolid homepage

Of course, the guy/gal behind Blogsolid is a graphic designer, and it shows. As we’re not all graphic designers, we can theoretically pay someone for a unique design. However, blogging is not always the most profitable of activities, so this is often not viable. But this case study just goes to show how significant design can be in the success of your blog. So try to make sure your blog is presentable and professional, either by creating your own design, or carefully selecting and customizing an existing theme.

(I am working on customizing a new theme for WordPressGarage as we speak – even I can’t stand the way this blog looks anymore!)